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PostSubject: I DECLARE! That I win.   I DECLARE! That I win. EmptyThu Dec 12, 2013 8:05 pm

Character: Jace

Date: 12/12/2013

Rank right now:Genin
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PostSubject: Re: I DECLARE! That I win.   I DECLARE! That I win. EmptySat Dec 14, 2013 6:58 pm

Mmkay, Jace. I'll make this a decent test. Remember, you are here to offer and advertise to the Admins your general advancement from basic RP and literary efficiency to advanced and above-average proficiency.

We will be looking for:

- Above average grammar

- Above average sentence phrasing

-Above average understanding of RP

- Intellectual literary prowess

- Unique writing style

- Obvious advancement from previous level of skill

Here is your test.

It's snowing! And Winter is abroad. The Shinobi holidays are about to highlight the village with decorations and good cheer. All is well, and the populace has a smile. However, something seems to be going wrong. Many people stay out of the snow due to the harsh cold, and the random tendency to become intense. Those who stay in the snow to get the early decoration seem to be acting oddly. Some fall, and don't awake, some begin to grovel in pain, and others simply go insane. After an hour of fear, all of the noises ceased. Jace looked outside during a time when the snow was lighter, and as he looked through, a ravaged and bloodied face of hate and rage slammed against the window, teeth covered in blood, snapping at the window towards Jace.

For unknown reasons, the Christmas season has turned bloody, and those who were outside during the harsher snow have somehow become ravaged creatures intent on feeding on the living. If bitten or scratched, you will turn. About eighty people have already turned, and the numbers increase. And what's worse... These creatures can use Jutsu! As Jace withdrew from the window, the creature crushed the front of his abode using an Earth Style Technique! Good luck, Jace. Don't die! Or do. We don't care.
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PostSubject: Re: I DECLARE! That I win.   I DECLARE! That I win. EmptyMon Dec 16, 2013 5:59 am

Jace was sitting in his home, getting ready to go out to do some training. He looked out, and saw people falling, and some not getting up, some groveling in pain, the others seemingly out of their minds.  It was weird, so, he decided to stay in when he heard the screaming, as it was never a good idea to go out when there was.  

After an hour or so, he looked out, since all noised ceased to exist. When he did, he was meet with a face, right in his window. Tis was a brutal site, with blood and anger on it, it then moved and started to break down his door. Jace took out his bow, and aimed an arrow at the door, as it burst open, he shot the arrow and down went the man,dead as can be.

Jace regained his focus, and as he did,  one of them crushed the front of his home with an earth style jutsu, and Jace quickly ran out his back door. He was meet with another, and he pulled out another arrow, and then stabbed the man in the chest and then in the head. He leaned against the wall, as he felt the urge to kill, but negated it. It was a genjutsu, in which was causing this. Since he had training in genjutsu, he could resist it. Who was using this genjutsu? Who had such power?

This would be answered soon enough, as long as he did not die. He looked over the corner out to the side of his house. There were a few people here, he could take them if he tried. He got an arrow ready again, and fired, hitting one of them in the head, in which one of the... things, they weren't human anymore. The last one used a jutsu in which the earth rose up, he rolled forward, making the earth raise up without him. He put his bow on his back, and threw a kunai, in which made direct contact to the leg. He then ran forward, and took out another, and stabbed it in the head.

He was in the middle of the square in which he lived, one of the more built sides of town. Nothing was just there, all was painted and everything, so he could tell if something were different. He knew that he had to move forward, not stay in one place, just wasn't a good idea. He walked, not being too loud as to alert the people in the houses. He leaned against 1 of the houses and thought about what was happening. If he met a Jonin, he would be screwed, thankfully, most had training in resisting this type of stuff.

A bigger one came at Jace this time, standing 6'5, and he was caught of guard. He managed to get out of the range of the big guy, but, he couldn't use his bow, much too close. He took out one of his last Kunai, and got ready.  The fight went on for about 10 minutes, most of which were him dodging, until he started his plan. He ducked one of the big guys punches, and slashed him across the chest, diagonally, and then kicked him with a round house kick, which sent the big guy on his ass. He then managed to sit on the man, and stab him through the area between the eyes, into the brain, and took the Kunai out and placed it in his bag.  

He staggered back, out of breath. He had no allies at this point, and was tiring , he was on the losing team. He could give in to this genjutsu, but, that would mean hurting innocents mindlessly, and that wasn't what was gonna happen. A sudden surge of the genjutsu sent him on his arse, and his palms to his head. He resisted it to his best, and managed to fend it off again. It was just a low murmer afterwords. He got up, and started moving towards the Kages mansion, with a slower walk then before.

He looked up at the mansion, seeing a few skilled ninja fight off a horde of them, he decided it wasn't the best of ideas to go there. The reasoning being, he might get mistaken for one of them, and that would lead to his death. He sat in an alley, and checked his bag. In it were 2 kunai, 10 ninja stars, and a smoke bomb. He then checked his quiver, which held 22 arrows, in which might not be enough.

With all this in mind, he trudged on. The next big thing that happened, was when he was meet with a group of 5 of them. He was outnumbered, and knew that they could use jutsu, so he would have to be sneaky. They weren't clumped next to each other, so he could take them out, 1 by 1. He unsheathed an arrow, and aimed it at one of their heads and fired, it pierced it's throat, but seemed to kill it. So, It seemed like just disconnect their brain from the rest, they would die. One saw him and used a jutsu in which rose Jace up, and then tried to use a jutsu to trap him, but he managed to escape that one. He sighed, he could die here, and no one would notice, they would either be dead, or his body wouldn't be identifiable.

He sighed, his genjutsu was useless this whole time, being they were already under a much more powerful one.  He was cold at this point, shivering, and his breath visible. He coughed, considering they knew where he was. He looked down, then knew what he had to do. He took of his coat, and shirt, and grabbed his bow and his arrows, plus the kunais. It was a fight for his life, so he better win it. He slid down the hill, jumping off a edge in the cliff caused by one of them trying to kill him with it. As he landed, he managed to throw one of the Kunais into a things head. Another charged him, and he threw the Kunai, which missed, and then nailed the thing in the head with a kick.

He was surrounded by 3 of them, better odds then last time. One turned it's hand into a spear of earth, while the other two just charged. Jace jumped up, causing the two to run into each other, and them managed to parry the spear which was coming up at him with his Kunai. As he landed, he launched a Kunai in the direction of the guy with an spear for his hand, which pierced the throat and the guy didn't go down right away, but did after a few seconds.

He looked at the other two, whom were charging him, and he took out two arrows, and then was able to stab them in the head, both of them. He put his back against the rock, and gathered his breath. He had to think about what to do.

I know how to kill them... I can kill most, even though they retain the Taijutsu aspects of the life they had before. I've been lucky, I haven't ran into Jonin, I've run into maybe 1 Chunin, but that's a maybe. I need to get prepared, and find who the hell is doing this.. and why they are. But, I would either need a better plan, or better equipment, along with a group would help. If only I knew ninjutsu damn it, I could stand much higher chances of surviving this, but, the fact was, I don't really have much of a choice in this. If the Nin had any chance of surviving this epidimic, I will to kill the user of the Genjutsu. He thought to himself, as he heard a group of them coming, he ran away, and into an empty house.

He sat down, crossed his legs, and tried to find the center of the Genjutsu. It took him about 20 minutes, since he sucked at doing this, and found the source. It was a little make-shift home outside of the village. He looked out the window, and saw the group of  the Nin that were mad, and he got up and started running to where he needed to be. He ran about a 4th way there, before running into another of the Nin, alone this time.

He kept his hands in front of him, and waited to see how fast the nin moved. He moved faster then the rest, a Jonin. This was gonna be tough, so he took his stance, as the Nin moved and attempted to place his palm into Jaces face. Jace managed to move, and pushed it towards the wall, then nailed it in the back of the head with a kick. This didn't kill it, not by a long shot, as his foot was caught. The Nin aimed an elbow at his leg, which made contact and knocked his leg to the ground, in which was numb.

He tried shaking his leg, but knew it was useless, and saw the mob coming. He took out an arrow, and stabbed the nin in the chest, then took the arrow out, and stabbed it in the neck, and killed it off. It was luck and determination he was running off of, not skill. He limped away, barely keeping away from the large crowd of people who wanted to kill him. Lucky him, they missed him, seemingly brain dead.

He looked at his leg, pulled up his pants leg, to see a giant bruise. It wasn't gonna heal for awhile, he had to work with it. He thought about being warm to balance his temperature, which kinda worked, well, it worked enough that he could continue.  He looked around, and found a home. He went into it, and it was empty except for a small boy, unzombifed. The boy walked up to him shaking, scared out of his wits.

“S-S-Sir, Who are you?” The boy asked

“I'm Jace, do you have a name?” Jace said.

“I do sir... but, you can call me Gren.” The boy said.

“Alright Gren, you got any powers?” Jace asked.

The boy shook his head, and pulled out a dagger. “I've been defending myself with this.. I've killed 1 or two, but, I've been hiding for the rest of the time.” Jace was taking aback when the boy said this, but then said, “Look, Hide. I need a quick rest.”

The boy nodded, and went back to hiding, as Jace leaned against the wall. Jace sighed, then began thinking again. God dammit, now I need to find the man behind this. I need to save Gren and all the little ones that are still alive, just maybe I could be a hero... heh, I used to think this could never happen. Me? A hero? Hah. But, nows the time to prove myself to those who will survive.

He traced it again, and found him much faster this time and stayed where he was. He rested for around 20 minutes, and then said to Gren, “Look. I gotta go. So, If you would, I need to get down to the root and kill him.”  Gren gave the thumbs up from in his hiding place, and Jace went out his door. He moved stealthfully throughout the buildings, not alerting any attention.

After awhile, he arrived at the hut, he saw the man, he was guarded by two Nin, seemingly Jonin. There weren't under Genjutsu, so he sat against the tree he was behind, and concentrated. He then whispered... “A Drowsy day.”  He then heard two yawns, and then thuds, seemed like the two were tired already. He didn't reach the one inside with it, so he moved up to the door. The man was deeply into the Genjutsu, so, if he opened the door, he might not alert him. He looked at the two Jonin, and let them live. He slowly opened the door, and walked slowly infront of the man. He unsheathed his bow, and then Notched an arrow. He aimed it at the mans head, right in between the eyes, but then decided against a head shot, and aimed it at the mans heart, and then pulled the string back. He released the arrow, into the mans heart, which killed him instantly, and all of a sudden, the people seemed to almost awake, and everyone stopped fighting. The Jonin outside still slept, but, he let them sleep, and walked back to the village content.

2100 words, although, I do want to write an epilogue, but that would be too many words.
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