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 My Creation List of Jutsu

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PostSubject: My Creation List of Jutsu   Wed Nov 27, 2013 3:01 am

Name: Aerial Rotation (Expected: B)

Style: Gentle Fist

Effect: As seen in the show, Neji of the Hyuga Clan uses a B-Rank Jutsu named Rotation where he creates a bubble of Chakra around himself, and rotates at high speed to create a perfect barrier of cyclone Chakra. Aerial Rotation is the exact same movement, except in the air. Whereas in the air, the user is propelled. Aerial Rotation lasts a maximum of five seconds, just like in the show. There's literally no difference except it's in the air.

Example: The user is put into an aerial position with several approaching Kunai/An attack they can't block. The user activates Aerial Rotation to block the Kunai/propel themselves ten feet in the air to evade the attack.

Name: Eyes Beyond the World (Expected: A)

Style: Genjutsu

Effect: A Self-afflicting Genjutsu that superbly over-extends the user's sensory vision to perceive what is seen at a hyperactive state. Lasts for two posts, takes 15 Chakra per post.

Example: In a fight between two Taijutsu Shinobi, the one who activates the Jutsu above will be granted hyperactive perception to the point where everything seen looks so much slower. With this, the user's own moves appear just as slow. This gives the user more time to think about their moves.

Name: Sukurin (Expected: C)

Style: Genjutsu

Effect: The user can activate their Genjutsu trigger and "use a technique they have seen before" when in reality, it's not happened at all. The user can use Rasengan and charge, when in reality, their hand is empty. However, it cannot mimic Jutsu that defy actual use. Such as, the user cannot use a Jutsu that puts them underground, as they'll still be above ground.

Example: The user can "mimic a Jutsu they've seen before" when in reality, they are not using the Jutsu at all.

Name: Eight Tri-Grams Sixty-Four Palms - Purging (Expected: A with 20 Chakra per post in use)

Style: Gentle Fist

Effect: The user activates the special Tri-Gram technique of surgically injecting Chakra into the enemy to hinder Chakra flow in a reverse fashion, and begins to perform it on themselves. The Chakra is not forcibly entered, yet forcibly engraved into the Tenketsu (Chakra points) and pushes them open, increasing Chakra flow. For every stab, the abnormal injection is like a blade, and literally stabs the user with an inch blade multiple times. However, when this action is done, the user's part of the body which was stabbed is increased in efficiency. The user can only stab specified sections of the body per post. Legs, Arms, Head, Chest are what can be stabbed to increase efficiency in each. The increase in efficiency lasts three posts each, and cannot have two sections increased at the same time. Costs 10 Chakra per post.

Example: The user stabs their legs multiple times, cleansing the Tenketsu. With this, their leg power will be increased and improved for three posts. Once the three posts have ended, the user's legs will feel the strain and pain of being stabbed so many times.

Name: Gentle Step (Expected: B)

Style: Gentle Fist

Effect: The user utilizes Chakra in their feet the same way as they do their feet and can, up to twice per post, step on air itself like a small platform. However, it takes a full post to recharge.

Example: The user can have a tiny Chakra platform. However, it's limited. So if the user moves tries to two-step across a chasm, they'll fall and won't be able to Gentle Step again next post.

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PostSubject: Re: My Creation List of Jutsu   Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:46 am

Aerial Rotation: B

Eyes Beyond the World: A (Pending)

Sukurin: C

Eight Tri-Grams Purging: A (Pending)

Gentle Step: C
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Posts : 181
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: My Creation List of Jutsu   Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:11 am

Name: Ashfyre Quantize

Style: Fyre Release (Expected - A)

Effect: Virtually the same principle as Substitution. As Substitution is nearly an auto-dodge, Ashfyre does the same. However, instead of appearing somewhere else such as in a tree or behind a rock, the user is still manifested. Their body is turned into a cloud of ash, where it reforms somewhere else. This way, the user cannot pass through physical objects, but still retains the escaping aspect of Substitution.
Example: The user is caught in a powerful attack, and thrown back. The user would slam into a tree, causing damage. The user activates the Ashfyre and vanishes into a poof of ash, and re-appears as the cloud reforms.

Name: Fyrealm Deaus Primus (Expected C)

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: The user's arms are coated in blazing armaments of silver fire that increase the strength of their arms, and increase the power of their Jutsu that come from the arms. However, all Jutsu Chakra costs are doubled. Lasts two posts.

Example: The user uses the Fyrealm technique, and then uses Chidori. While Chidori will be stronger, the amount of Chakra it drains will be increased. C- 20. B - 30. A - 60. A - +25.

Name: Fyreflection (Expected Cost: The Jutsu costs the same rank as the Jutsu copied).

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: The user can mimic the Jutsu someone else has used in the last three posts with complete accuracy. However, the user can never use the Jutsu as strong as the original. It will always be weaker at about 50% power.

^Perfect example of a typical Fyre Jutsu. Chakra control and manipulation.

Name: Fyrestone (Expected = C with 5 additional Chakra per shield).

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: The user sends up one to five shields, each being powerful enough to block nearly any attack, yet shatters after one use. Something as small as a pebble being thrown, or a stone fist, both blocked.

Example: The user is attacked with a giant stone fist, and sends up two shields. The shield blocks the stone fist, and shatters. The second shatters when a bird runs into it.

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Posts : 181
Join date : 2013-11-19
Age : 23
Location : Behind you.

PostSubject: Re: My Creation List of Jutsu   Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:31 am

Name: X - Burner (Expected - S for 125 Chakra)

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: The user conforms a massive conjunction of Chakra into their hands. Within the left, the Chakra is rapidly stitched together with Fire chakra, and filtered back through the body to show the appearance of a slow, hazy yet fiery aura projecting from their left hand. The filtered Fyre and Fire Chakra is heavily condensed within the user's right hand, and begins to physically manifest into a shining orb. This process takes one post to charge. The next post, the user must stand still to use this. The user is held wherever they stopped, whether it be in the air or ground. The incredibly condensed Chakra is unleashed in a cannon blast of fire and Fyre, the power so incredible it can be felt a mile away. X - Burner can only stretch 100 feet outward, and dissolves after 100 feet. Also, the burner gains power as it travels, so the closer you are when consumed in the blast, the less damage it does. User must stay still to use the blast.

Example: After a post of charging, the user launches their X - Burner into a forest, and destroying one-hundred feet of anything touched by the X - Burner.

Name: Fyretouch (Expected - B)

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: Through acute Chakra control, the user can create a silk cover of Fyre Chakra over a small part of the body, the silk being limited to eleven inches in diameter. This silk absorbs and redirects momentum flow as it comes in contact. The silk is the size of a blanket. However, this silk cannot touch pure Chakra, for any touch of Chakra will dissolve it. Making it strong against Taijutsu and Earth techniques, and weak against Fire, Lightning, Water, and some Wind. Silk lasts one post.

Example: User covers their hand in Fyretouch, and blocks a heavy kick with their hand. The impact will not be delivered, rather redirected where the user projects it from.

Name: Fyrespire (Expected - A)

Style: Fyre Release

Effect: The user creates a tunnel opening that appears in one hand, and a tunnel exit that appears on the other. The opening of the tunnel is limited in size, being about three square feet in diameter. The exit being the same size. With a vacuum like ability, the opening tunnel only effects Chakra, as any physical touch from anything not Chakra will shatter it. The tunnel can redirect Chakra, as it enters the opening, and is redirected to the exit, where it is send back. However, the tunnel being limited in size, is limited in capability. If a massive fireball is sent at the user, the user will only be able to absorb three square feet of diameter of fire. Lasts one post.

Example: The user is attacked with a blast of lightning. The user extends the opening portal on their left arm, and it is shot back from the right.
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PostSubject: Re: My Creation List of Jutsu   

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My Creation List of Jutsu
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