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 A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi

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PostSubject: A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi   Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:41 pm

Jutsu name: Wind barrier

Jutsu style: Barrier Jutsu

Effect: The user first fills their hands with wind nature chakara before spinning surrounds him or herself with a swirling whirlwind which will deflect small jutsus and thrown weapons. It lasts only for the turn it was used and can only be used twice in a fight.

Example: Takumi fills his hands with wind nature chakara before spinning in a circle whipping up a whirlwind to deflect the kunai thrown from all angles by the filthy bandits.

Jutsu name: Arcing Barrier

Jutsu style: Barrier Jutsu

Effect: The user gathers Lightning Chakara along the length of their arms before Releasing it all around them. Useful for taking out multiple opponents at once or to block any lightning or earth style attacks.

Example: Takumi stands waiting for the attack, lightning rippling down his arms, just before it hits he releases the lightning in a sphere shape, arcing into the air. The earth style attack crumbles to dust as soon as it hits the barrier.

Jutsu name: Chakara Scalpels

Jutsu style: Medical Ninjutsu  

Effect: The user creates small blades of pure chakara. These blades require intense concentration in order to produce accurate results. But if controlled correctly the can cut through armor, sinew and bone like butter.

Example: Takumi's hands glow a soft green as the blades remain see through. He stride confidently towards the arrogant man and slices at his sword. The blade falls neatly cut from the hilt.

Jutsu name: Chakara Blade

Jutsu style: Medical Ninjutsu
Effect: An advanced style of Chakara Scalpels but used with only one arm. The user must keep their non dominant hand on their arm in order to feed the blade chakara. The blade extends from the hand around two feet. It has the same properties as a chakara scalpel but with a much farther reach.
Example: Grasping one arm, Takumi faces his opponent, A earth user hiding behind walls of earth. Raising his arm he charges slashing at his opponent's walls. The crumble before his blade as he then strikes his opponent. Cutting him across the chest, severing most of his vital organs, death is immediate.

Jutsu name: Chakara Sutures

Jutsu type: Medical Ninjutsu

Effect: The user carries strings infused with chakara not unlike a puppet shinobi uses. However these strings are meant to affix to someone. The user gather chakara in their hand before coming close and striking the opponent. The chakara is passed into the body of the opponent and the strings are released, seeking the chakara you just put into their body. This method allows for creative use of different strategies in battle.

Example: Takumi came in close, and press his hands lightly against his opponents back. The chakara Passed easy into the worn opponent, as takumi threw the strings in his direction. The string encircled him seeking the chakara now located in his chest and back. The sutures pinned his arms to his side making them immobile.

Jutsu name: Shock treatment

Jutsu Type: Medical Ninjutsu

Effect: The user charges their hands with Lightning chakara before launching the attack. They place their hands at key points on the body and release the energy into them, disrupting the nervous system and causing severe damage.

Example: Takumi, not wanting to deal with this next opponent charges his hands with lightning chakara and attacks. Placing one hand at the base of the neck and the other over the heart takumi releases the chakara and fries both the nervous system and shocks the heart. The opponent dies, his heart stopped and his muscles limp.

Canon jutsu
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Posts : 244
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi   Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:09 am

Wind barrier: Rank C
Arcing Barrier: Rank A
Chakara Scalpels: Rank C
Chakara Blade: Rank A
Chakara Sutures: Rank B
Shock Treatment: Rank B
Healing Technique: Rank C

Self graded please tell me if unfair will change.
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Posts : 244
Join date : 2013-11-20
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi   Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:16 pm

Spirit release techniques-Falcon

Jutsu name: Spirit Release: Feather wave

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: The user channels the spirit inside of them, in this case the falcon, and gathers wind nature chakra in the palm of their hand. waving the wand in front of them the user releases the chakra which takes the form of feathers and flies at the enemy, cutting them down. this technique can produce up to five feathers.

Example: staring at the targets takumi gathers chakra, then releases it along with his spirit animal. the feathers hit the targets digging in deeply, disappearing in the trunks of the trees.

Jutsu name: Rising falcon

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: The user gathers lighting nature chakra in the hands and faces the opponent, running quickly the user grabs the opponent and picks them up pressing the other hand in the opponents stomach and releasing their chakra. The chakra passes through and send the opponent flying.

Example: Takumi runs up quickly picking his opponent up by the throat then places his hand on their stomach, releasing his built up lightning nature chakra. The opponent is flung up into the air traveling along the path of the released chakra.

Jutsu name: Spirit Release: Falcon speed

Jutsu style: ninjutsu

Effect: The user cloaks themselves in lightning nature chakra in the shape of their spirit animal enhancing their natural abilities.

Example: Takumi channels Taka's spirit and mold lightning chakra in his chest, then releases it all around his body. He now finds his speed and base strength have improved greatly.

Jutsu name: Spirit Release: Falcon's grace

Jutsu style: medical-nin

Effect:The user channels their spirit animal and healing chakra to heal another's or their own wounds.

Example: Takumi channels Taka's spirit and molds healing chakra in his hands before holding them over his friend's ankle. The chakra quickly sets the bones then mends them, far more quickly then regular healing chakra.

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PostSubject: Re: A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi   

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A repositroy or barrier and medical Nin, by Takumi
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