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 Jutsu by Nikolai Forge (wip)

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Nikolai Forge


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PostSubject: Jutsu by Nikolai Forge (wip)   Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:26 pm

Name: Dragulon Release - Burning Fury
Jutsu Style: Taijutsu
Effect: It damages the target.
Example: Nikolai harnessed his Dragulon chakra into one attack: Dragulon Release - Burning Fury. He would embue his fists with fire and throw a series of swift punches.

Name: Dragulon Release - Smokescreen
Jutsu Style: Ninjutsu
Effect: Hinder the target's sight
Example: Nikolai focused his Chakra into the Smokescreen

Name: Dragulon Release - Ashfyre
Jutsu Style: Ninjutsu
Effect: Sets the target on fire.
Example: After Nikolai summoned the cloud of smoke, he used the Ashfyre Jutsu to turn it into fire, setting his opponent on fire.

Name: Dragulon Release - Ashrock
Jutsu Style: Ninjutsu
Effect, Pelts the opponent with blocks
Example: As soon as the cloud of smoke covered the sorrounding area, Nikolai used the Ashrock Jutsu to turn the smokescreen into large boulders, falling down on the opponent.

Name: Wind Release -
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Jutsu by Nikolai Forge (wip)
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