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 Hyaku's Jutsu (Needs grading)

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PostSubject: Hyaku's Jutsu (Needs grading)   Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:59 am

Jutsu name: Phoenix Flower Sage Fire

Jutsu style: Nin- Fire

Effect: Creates multiple fireballs that shoot through the air, the user can manipulate his or her chakra to give the fire a homing characteristic.

Example: Canon

Jutsu Name: Lightning Dragon Hunting

Jutsu style: Nin- Lightning

Effect: Hyaku summons multiple bolts of electricity which fly towards the enemy at lightning speeds. (No pun intended.) If the bolts hit the enemy, they cause minor damage to the target's nervous system. Any part of the body that is hit will experience a numbing sensation. If the bolts miss, they gather above the target to form a dragon made of lightning. The dragon will then slam into the target, electrocuting them.

Example: After knocking the enemy into the air, Hyaku summoned bolts of lighting from the ground. Hit or miss, the bolts formed a massive dragon that captured the enemy in it's maw. Lightning surged through the enemy's body, electrocuting them.

Jutsu Name: Moonlight Stiletto

Jutsu Style: Nin- Lightning

Effect: Similar to Laser Circus, this jutsu fires off multiple beams of energy that home in on one or more foes. (Maximum of 5 beams in total.) Their direction may be altered mid-flight for pinpoint accuracy. The manipulation of the beams requires great amounts of concentration, however. If the user even moves to dodge an attack, he or she will lose control of the beams. After the technique is used, Hyaku is unable to channel lightning through his right arm for one post. (He is unable to use lightning based jutsu for one post thereafter.)

Example: The enemy shinobi employed the use of multiple shadow clones to overwhelm Hyaku. After making the appropriate hand signs, Hyaku grabbed his right wrist, then shot 5 bright beams from his palm. Each beam of light danced through the air, piercing through one clone after another until only the original remained.

Jutsu Name: Lightning Pillar

Jutsu Style: Genjutsu

Effect: An enemy affected by this jutsu will see the user emitting a blinding, white light. The target will be temporarily blinded for two posts, forcing them to rely on their other senses.

Example: What started as a subtle glow, turned into a blinding light as the enemy shinobi was caught in the effects of Hyaku's Genjutsu.

Jutsu Name: Bright Idea

Jutsu Style: Nin- Lightning

Effect: Hyaku channels lightning through his hands, then onto any conductive material he touches. He can use this effect to quickly shock a part of his enemies' body, causing the affected part to go numb.

Example: An enemy shinobi stabbed his kunai downward towards Hyaku's chest. Catching the blade between his hands, Hyaku channeled his chakra and sent a jolt of lightning through the metal blade. The enemy shinobi dropped the blade and lept back, no doubt shocked by the numbness in his hands.

Jutsu Name: Mystical Palm Technique

Jutsu Style: Nin- Medical

Effect: the user focuses chakra into the body of another, speeding up the process at which the patient's cells replicate. This allows the patient's body to heal much more quickly than it would by naturally recovering over time.

Example: Canon

Jutsu Name: Body Pathway Derangement

Jutsu Style: Nin- Medical

Effect: The user transforms the chakra within their body, giving it the properties of electricity and creates an electric field. As soon as a strike of the hand lands, electricity is poured into the enemy's nervous system, severing the signals and deranging their body control. This makes combat, let alone walking, near impossible for the affected enemy.

Example: Canon

Jutsu Name: Ash Pile Burning

Jutsu Style Nin- Fire

Effect: The user releases a cloud of ash from their mouth with characteristics similar to that of gunpowder. Being as the technique is ash, it will hang in the air for a short time. A wise shinobi can use the technique offensively by detonating the ash, or defensively by using it as a smokescreen.

Example: Canon

Jutsu Name: Fire Breath

Jutsu Style: Nin- Fire

Effect: The user molds fire nature chakra deep within their chest, then proceeds to take in a deep breath. Upon exhaling, the user releases a stream of fire capable of destroying stone. (If focused enough.)

Example: Canon

Jutsu Name: Great Fire Annhihilation

Jutsu Style: Nin- Fire

Effect: A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the mouth and shaped into a massive wall of intense flames, which covers a wide range as well. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain.

Example: Canon
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Hyaku's Jutsu (Needs grading)
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