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 Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement

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Nikolai Forge

Nikolai Forge

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PostSubject: Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement   Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:57 pm

Name of Character: Nikolai Forge

Current rank: Genin

Date: November 28, 2013

I, Nikolai Forge wish that I be tested for an advancement to the Chunin rank.
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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement   Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:39 am

Mmkay, Nikolai. I'll make this a decent test. Remember, you are here to offer and advertise to the Admins your general advancement from basic RP and literary efficiency to advanced and above-average proficiency.

We will be looking for:

- Above average grammar

- Above average sentence phrasing

-Above average understanding of RP

- Intellectual literary prowess

- Unique writing style

- Obvious advancement from previous level of skill

Here is your test.

Nikolai crossed the border of the Konohagakure regional line, and has found himself within uncharted territory. After a few moments wander, the man had found his way to an open path. Nikolai kept his itinerary until finding himself falling. The earth beneath him broke away and left him to fall into darkness. A splurge of water broke his fall, as he found himself inside a cavern filled with glistening crystals. The crystals exuded a fog that sparkled, and the walls were wet with a slick, yet beautiful gelatin. Everything in the cave was breathtaking. However, the cavern made Nikolai feel weak, as these beauteous materials actually negated the effects of ample Chakra, leaving Nikolai without the use of Chakra at all! What's worse, there were creatures of shadow that inhabit the cave. They were humanoid with differentiated pigmented eyes, armed with claws and teeth that would shred the skin on Nikolai's body.

Explain Nikolai's journey. Whether he lives or dies doesn't matter, as it's not canon and none of this actually happens. Unless you want it to.

CHALLENGE: Nikolai cannot use Gen or Nin, or anything that requires Chakra. Your challenge is to be as realistic as possible. You must escape the cave in this state. Remember, you're far underground and the walls are wet. You cannot receive any help from anyone else, NPC or no. You also cannot receive help in writing your test.

Minimum 1,500 words. More is better. Remember, Quality > Quantity, but a high quantity of quality > anything! Good luck!
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Nikolai Forge

Nikolai Forge

Posts : 94
Join date : 2013-11-20

PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement   Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:08 am

Nikolai pondered what he was to do. "The cavern emits a a wave that blocks Chakra flow. For right now, I am left powerless. And to make matters worse, there are creatures who live in the shadows and would eviscerate me if I'm not careful. I might as well start running." As soon as the thought left Nikolai's brain, he started running. As he was running, he slipped and fell on a boulder which was smothered with slick gelatin.

"I might have shattered my kneecap on that dehabilitating fall." Nikolai thought as he moaned in pain. When he fell, he tore his meniscus. Nikolai felt a tingling sensation in his knee. The tingling was very uncomfortable, and when he got up, he had a limp in his right leg from where he tore his meniscus. Seeing that there was nothing to do but fight, Nikolai unsheathed his sword. He would fight for the well-being of his life.

The unknown Creatures ran to Nikolai, hoping to tear his body to shreds. Nikolai immediatly sliced at the first creature he saw. Seeing as to how the beings were solid and not phantasmic, Nikolai knew the creatures would be left as shells if he were to kill them. "I have to keep my composure. These creatures can prove fatal if I let my guard down." Nikolai smiled as he swung his katana at the lowly scum. He would be doing this for 3 hours.

After Nikolai defeated the first wave of creatures, he was tired. Fighting the large number of beings has exhausted him. Still, Nikolai knew that he wasn't finished until all the beings were destroyed. "Time to fight some more. These creatures won't stop until they're stopped. As long as they're here, I cannot leave." When he blurted that comment, a second wave of beings rushed Nikolai. Nikolai swung his sword at one of the disgusting creatures who let itself towards him, but his sword snapped. "That is the one of the most unfortunate things that could happen to me, and right now too." Nikolai jabbed the broken end of the sword in the creature's eye and pierced his brain.

The creature went down with a thud. One of them were down, but there where nineteen more to go. Nikolai immediatly dropkicked the next creature in his path. He then picked up one of the creatures, who had a weight of three hundred pounds, and violently threw it at the other creatures, hoping to stall the army. Nikolai then ran for the nearest exit. The limp in his leg slowed him down though.

Nikolai climbed a wall which led to a higher level of the cave. He saw the creatures climbing up after him and climbed quickly. The young man became increasingly melancholy, as the creatures were right on his tail. Finally, he reached stable ground. Knowing that the creatures were still following him, he picked up a giant boulder and carried it over to the abyss from which he escaped. As his knee gave out, the boulder dropped into the chasm, trapping the creatures.
Nikolai knew that he still wasn't finished.

Nikolai kept running, and immediatly fell to the ground. He needed rest, but he couldn't get any as long as he was still in danger. Nikolai picked himself up and hung his head low, realizing how many beings he had killed. A wave of creatures again came his way. Nikolai threw ample amounts of swift punches and kicks and disgusting figures went down. The 17-year-old man wanted to fall to the ground, but he wasn't done. He still had to get out. Little did he know that there would be 3 more waves of orcs.

After an hour of power walking, Nikolai felt powerful. He had a spring in his step despite his torn right meniscus. Nikolai again slipped due to the slime that covered the cave, but got up quickly. He talked little for the next couple hours, because he could not think of anything to vocalize.

A wave of orcs sorrounded Nikolai, but they were less plentiful than the last 3 waves. That's how he knew that he was getting to all of them. Nikolai threw quick elbows at the orcs. Good thing there were only 15 of them, because Nikolai's movements were becoming slower and slower.

Nikolai was smiling by the time he was finished. Another wave of 10 creatures rushed Him. Nikolai let his guard down way too soon. A creature tackled him from behind and he was met with flurries of stomps. Nikolai struggled to get up, and coughed up blood. He rushed the creatures with another flurry of punches and kicks, and he barely defeated that wave.

Nikolai was now destined to get out, wall jumping through caverns and whatnot. 30 creatures sorrounded the exit. Luckily, he found a sword and came after the orcs. He sliced and sliced and sliced and sliced. At one point, he tore one orc's head in half with the sword. Another orc slashed at Nikolai's chest. Blood gushed out immediatly.

Nikolai threw up blood and fell to the ground. He was struggling to hold on to consiousness, but he passed out. 6 hours later, he woke up. He found himself sorrounded by creatures conversing with each other. They were speaking a language unknown to Nikolai. They were talking about turning Nikolai into another shadow creature among them.

The tall man saw his sword laid over a table. Nikolai was just now noticing the cauterization marks and stitches covered all over his body. The creatures had cared for him overnight and treated his wounds. Nikolai was internally grateful, but knew he couldn't stay here. He figured out that he was in a cavern below the enterance, which he fell through to get into this mess in the first place.

Nikolai managed to get off the bed, but his mission to escape was compromised when the creatures saw him. He had to run to his sword. There were exactly 100 orcs at the location. His life was on the line. Either kill, and get the hell out, or stay and become one of them.

Forge went through orcs, slicing and dicing through the envoy. He finished off 60 orcs this way using his katana. An orc tried to throw powder at Nikolai in order to knock him out cold. Nikolai held his breath so the powder would prove ineffective. The battalion would stop at nothing to include Nikolai amongst their ranks.

The man went through creatures by the minute, going through three every 5 minutes. Some of the orcs had swords, so it was a good workout for Nikolai. He was sweeping through creatures rapidly. Finally there were 20 left. Nikolai had been waiting for this the entire time.

A creature tripped Nikolai from behind. Then, another dug his spike-infested hand into Nikolai's stomach, excavating his internal organs. Nikolai put his sword through the creature's brain and pulled the hand out. Spikes stayed in his body, piercing his internal organs. Nikolai struggled to get up, blood pouring out.

Nikolai found the nearest operating table and pulled the spikes out. Then he took some thread and sewed his wounds shut. He knew that the rest were coming for him. Nikolai went through the orcs quickly and killed them all. Now he was done. He was finished with this ordeal.

Nikolai climbed the last wall. He was climbing really slowly when he fell. His back shattered in 3 places. Nikolai then passed out. Three hours later, he woke up on the floor. He was noticibly pale. This was a real problem, as Nikolai was pale colored in the first place. He lost so much blood overnight. He didn't even know where he was or what time it was.

Nikolai was still on the ground.There was gelatin in his hair from falling. Nikolai knew he needed to get out of here. He slowly got up, his feet trembling, and walked towards the exit.

Nikolai slowly got on the wall. each step very slow. Nikolai was still weak from the massive blood loss. He used the sword to help himself up. Each step was slow and calculated. One wrong move, and he would fall again.

The man, completely exhausted fell a couple feet but managed to latch on to the wall. Nikolai then slammed his face on the rock. He was so tired. Luckily, he had some momentum so he climbed faster and faster. Nikolai thought of his friends of aquaitences. "I have had a good life. I can die happy right now, if I just happen to."

Nikolai kept climbing up. The wall was 50 feet tall. Nikolai felt proud of himself as he struggled to climb up the wall. He began to see sunlight and stopped. He stopped a couple minutes to admire the amazing sun. His eyes irritated him because he hadn't seen sunlight in a couple days, given the conditions of the cave.

Nikolai climbed out of the cave. The ordeal was finally over. He took a couple steps on the land, but fell with a thud. Nikolai went on to the afterlife. All that fighting had gotten to him. His last words were: "I have wasted my hours on this planet. This is what I get for acting too smug and proud. No matter. I will die knowing that I have become a stronger man.

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement   

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Nikolai Forge's Declaration of Advancement
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