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 Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)

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PostSubject: Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)   Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:52 pm

Jutsu name: Lightning Style: AfterShock

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: This allows Augusto overcharge his body with Lightning and and use it to attack and destroy the immeidate area and even allows him to charge his more power attacks, this in turn also protects him as well but it can be disturbed by a powerful wind attacks.

Example: Augusto begins to store a lot of chakra which then releases out of his body, making a body shield. Putting his arms forward he can choose when to attack.

Jutsu name: Lightning Style: Zap Bomb

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect:  Augusto fires an electric blast like a cannon to inflict damage and cause paralysis. Powerful but typically this technique has a history of being inaccurate, Augusto uses tags to help improve the aim on this attack using it to a deadly affect. Can also be used a a barrier and  to send a shockwave to protect the user

Example: Augusto concentrates Chakra in his left hand which forms a round electric object. When used for offense he charges it at the opponent. If used defensively he can open the bomb to create a barrier though this last  for a short period of time

Jutsu name: Phoenix Rising Barrage

Jutsu style: Taijutsu,Bukijutsu

Effect: Kasai charges her opponent and grabs them by the throat then launches them into the air. She then delivers a quick series of blows that drives them higher and sets them up for a more brutal attack, which is her arrows that are now flaming. Kasai shoots them with her flaming arrows whilst in the air.

Example: Kasai raises her fists and runs at her opponent. She grabs them by the throat and launches them into the air. A handful of attacks are thrown at the opponent but she then gets the arrow, that are now on fire and shoots her opponent.

Jutsu name: Panther's Cry

Jutsu style: Taijutsu

Effect: When the opportunity presents itself Kasai will deliver a full strength clothesline to the opponents chest. A direct hit is usually sufficient to break several ribs.

Example: Kasai looks at her opponent and waits for him/her to get close. When they do she goes all out and punches and kicks the chest many times

Jutsu name: Fire Release: Rapid Fireball Barrage

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: The user raises his/her hand and fires several large fireballs rapidly, overwhelming the opponent before catching it in an explosion. One can conceal weapons in the fireballs for a major suprise. This technique is much deadlier than most as it can fire from the hand rapidly, it travels at much higher speeds. The heat is intense enough to evaporate large water bodies.

Example: Kasai raises her hand to concentrate and for the chakra to travel to her hands. A flaming ball in now in her hands. She fires many at her opponent but not without adding an bonus.

Jutsu name: Fire Style: Bursting Supernova

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect:  The user jumps high into the air and with this the user raises their finger and creates a extremely large fireball above them. This though leaves a huge opening for attacks. They then point their finger or throw their arm downwards at the opponent, guiding the massive fireball towards the opponent.

Example: Kasai jumps into the air and rapidly raises her finger. The chakra goes to her finger and creates a huge fireball. She then throws it at her opponent and falls to the ground.

Jutsu name: Water Release: Aqua Pillars

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: This jutsu, when activated, causes massive geysers of superheated water to erupt from the ground, flooding the entire area. Any living thing caught by the flood will be boiled alive. The flood strength itself equals that of a normal and natural flood. The only way to counter it is by being able to walk on top of the surface of the water.

Example: Augusto moves his arms up and water starts to appear from the ground. This water is super heated and can burn an opponent.

Jutsu name: Water Style: Scalding Dragon Jutsu

Jutsu style: Ninjutsu

Effect: The user creates five dragons made from water (Nearby or Artificial) and launches them at the target(s). The user is able to control the dragons remotely to ensure they hit the target(s). This technique causes heavy damage as well as cause severe burns. When one of the dragons hits something it makes a thick mist making this an effective smokescreen to hide from enemies. The user can also channel lightning through it to increase it's lethality.

Example: Augusto makes water/uses nearby water to make five dragons. He concentrates to control the five dragons.

Jutsu name: Flaming Fists of Rage

Jutsu style: Nintaijutsu

Effect: The Fire Fist technique uses Fire Release nature transformation to engulf the users hand in flame to punch targets. The user's arm(s) grows to an almost giant size making it nearly unstoppable though, this technique is only effective as long as the user has an incredible almost, if not instant regeneration. Using this technique makes the users strikes flaming and explosive to the intended opponent.

Example: Kasai's arm has grown by ten. She puts all her chakra in her arm to make it burst with a flame. Kasai then punches rapidly hoping to hit her opponent
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Posts : 88
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PostSubject: Re: Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)   Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:42 am

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PostSubject: Re: Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)   Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:35 am

Great Flame Flower: A
Stormy Blockade: S
Great Shark Bullet Technique: A
Lightning Dragon Tornado: S
Lightning Rod: B
Electromagnetic Murder: S
Lightning Beast Running Technique: S
Water Release Genjutsu: Demonic Phantom Fog Prison: Unusable unless you got a giant Conch lying around.. more appropriately the king of all conch's
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Posts : 88
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PostSubject: Re: Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)   Mon Dec 16, 2013 2:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)   

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Aj16amc's Jutsu (Needs Grading) (Canon and Non-Canon Jutsu)
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