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 Furaibou's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Furaibou's Jutsu   Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:28 pm

Divided into Existing Jutsu and Custom Jutsu (Existing Jutsu being the ones already used in the Naruto series and Custom Jutsu being new Jutsu made by myself).

Existing Jutsu:

Jutsu name: Dancing Blade Hazard (踊刃冒; Yōjinbō)

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user charges at blinding speeds towards its opponent, with the user's sword sheathed. Once being near its target, the user quickly unsheathes the sword and attempts to cut the opponent. Once the user slashed through their opponent, it sheathes its sword. The opponent only feels the wound once the sword is sheathed. It is possible to attack with a Chakra-infused slash that increases the speed of the blade to triple it's average velocity, yet in exchange, weakens the arm used to slash.

Example: Imagine the Onigiri, from One Piece, but with a touch of Iaido. Just in case you can't, here's Youtube to do it for you.

Jutsu name: Chakra Shockwave Slash

Jutsu style: No idea

Effect: The user, cutting the air with its sword, causes 2-feet long chakra shockwaves to emerge from its tip at high speeds. The shockwaves are strong enough to cut through multiple targets at once.

Example: Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach, Naruto version. It's not nearly as devastating as the actual Getsuga, though. Other examples could be Link, from The Legend of Zelda, which uses a similar technique; at full health, a shockwave is emitted after swinging his sword.

Jutsu name: Iai Beheading (居合斬り; Iaigiri)

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user concentrates power with its sword sheathed, then unsheathes it and unleashes that power on a single slash. Then, the sword is quickly re-sheathed. On the technichal part , the user has to stand completely still for three posts, charging the attack. He can release it after the first post of charging, but the more charging, the stronger. One complete post of charging is slightly stronger than a normal slash, two can easily cut bones, three posts can even rip trees from their roots.

Example: Comparable to a warrior attempting to cut falling leaves with its sword (which is popular in media these days).

Jutsu name: Earth Style: Antlion Jutsu (土遁・蟻地獄の術; Doton: Arijigoku no Jutsu)

Jutsu style: Earth style

Effect: The user creates a pit up to 5m away in the ground which starts sucking everything in; this can be used for trapping opponents.

Example: Just imagine an antlion; sitting buried on the bottom of a pit, waiting for lunch, until an insect steps on its pit and is dragged by gravity all the way to the bottom, only to be eaten mere seconds after. The only differences being that the user doesn't need to be underground to use this jutsu, and eating human opponents is anti-ethic, so they're attacked instead (most of the time).

Custom Jutsu:

Jutsu name: Kyojaku Hashi (Frail Chopstick, according to Google Translate)

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user halves the weight of its weapon, then proceeds to stab the opponent rapidly with it. In Furaibou's case, due to his sword being extremely long, his version of this jutsu has good range. Better used for backstabbing or punishing hand seals.

Example: Imagine an unexperienced user of chopsticks; poking the food again and again, failing to grasp it. Other than that, it's comparable to any move which involves a punch barrage, except this is for weapons.

Jutsu name: Hephaestus' Hidden Arsenal

Jutsu style: Earth style

Effect: The user makes a giant weapon using earth taken from its surroundings, usually for wielding. It can be up to 10 cubic feet big. The chakra keeps the weapon light (just not as light as air; as light as your average katana) and prevents it from crumbling. In Furaibou's case, he prefers hammers due to compensating for the lack of a blunt weapon in his arsenal, but any weapon the user knows can be recreated with this technique. According to Six, "the jutsu will be A rank with 20 Chakra used per posts, lasts five posts, takes four to recharge after use".

Example: Similar to Akatsuchi's Golem technique, except that it creates weapons instead of Golems.

Jutsu name: Gotterdammerung

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user pulls out an Odachi, Gotterdamerung (full sword description under this jutsu), and activates its ability to become lighter and more resistant. Due to the length of the sword, most Kenjutsu have improved range. Costs 10 chakra per post, according to Six (may be change later).

Example: Similar to awakening mode in the Ultimate Ninja Storm games.

Gotterdammerung description:

Jutsu name: Manjare

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user makes its weapon split into two gigantic maws, which then stretch and proceed to bite the opponent. Multiple bites can be chained for increased effect. Each bite drains chakra from the target and adds it to the user's. Niohoggr (Furaibou's pincer-shaped blade) has a reduced chakra cost for this jutsu, as it is not necessary to be split into two "jaws".

Example: Remember God Eater? Me neither. But the guys in that game used to do that all the time. Their God Arcs became two gigantic jaws and would munch the innards of any Aragami unfortunate enough to be lying on the floor dead.

Jutsu name: Togakubi Sarashi

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu)

Effect: The user jumps high into the air, then lands on the opponent, pointing at it with a chakra-infused blade to stab it. Best used after trapping jutsu or when the opponent's knocked down as a finishing move. One hit at the right angle can be decisive, since, when usen in combination with the Antlion Jutsu, the opponent's face and head are left unprotected.

Example: You probably don't play Darkstalkers, so, to make this easy, imagine a samurai who just knocked down his, opponent, ready to deal the finishing blow. Another example could also be taken from the recent The Legend of Zelda games. Remember that move where Link jumps, then performs a vertical slash as he lands? Truly damaging one. This one lands with a stab instead of a slash, though.

Jutsu name: Odin no Zantetsuken

Jutsu style: Taijutsu (Kenjutsu, Bukijutsu)

Effect: The user, after infusing the blade with chakra, proceeds to spin at high speeds. The sword can be made longer using chakra to increase the area it affects, for up to 3 meters plus the sword's regular blade's range. Covers 360 degrees around the user, making it useful for when cornered or surrounded by enemies, or if the opponent is dodging every attack by sidestepping.

Example: Another move I took off of Darkstalkers, except for the name. Ever played Final Fantasy? The new ones? I'm sorry if you did. Odin, in those games, performs this version of the Zantetsuken. I didn't choose the old version because it was too similar to Iaigiri. Yay for variety.
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Furaibou's Jutsu
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