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 Koga's Known Jutsu. [WIP]

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Tenzo Uzumaki

Tenzo Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Koga's Known Jutsu. [WIP]   Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:42 pm

Jutsu name: Dance of the Larch

Jutsu style: Taijutsu

Effect: The user will begin to extend multiple bones from his body. Both from his rib cage and his radius and ulna. Because they are hard as steel, these bones can act as a strong defensive mechanism against incoming strikes. Due to this they will also serve as an offensive attack to allow the user to move with little effort to impale his opponent.

Example: Once again fighting on of those traitorous rouge ninja's Koga notices the ninja is slightly fast. As the Rouge rushes towards him to hit him with a flurry of heavy kicks and punches. Koga expels bones from his upper torso to act as a defense mechanism but also as a offensive mechanism to impale the users arm and leg to attack a certain point of the users body.


Jutsu Name: Ten Finger Drilling Bullets

Jutsu Style: Taijutsu

Effect: The user will use his fingers to fire his distal phalange bones as bullets. As the bones fly through the air, they will rotate and drill into their target once they make contact.

Example: "Time for some target practice," said by Koga as he ran forward and jumped into the air. He then spinned his body and extending his forearms and hands to point and aim at the ten targets. He shot his phalanges at the targets with great speed and drilling power. The targets would with them hit smack dead in the center but would rip through the target and the object it was lying on and fly straight into the ground.


Jutsu Name: Dance of the Clematis: Vine

Jutsu Style: Taijutsu

Effect: The user will remove his spinal column from his back to create a flexible bone vine. Because the vine is flexible, it can wrap itself around an opponent to rip them to pieces.

Example: Koga places his eyes on a medium boulder. He then reaches behind his head, leaning it forward as a five inch hole opened up at the top of his neck. Then a a bone handle of sorts came from the opening while Koga grasps it. He would then slowly proceed to pull it out revealing it to be no other then his own spinal column that become very flexible and had amazing stretching abilites. He then run forward extending the bone vine and whipping it forward causing it to wrap around the boulder. He would then suddenly stop and pull back causing the pressure around the boulder become to great and make the boulder snap into pieces.


Jutsu Name: Dance of the Clematis: Flower

Jutsu Style: Taijutsu

Effect: Using this dance the user will also form a large flowering bone spear which he can also use to pierce any shield his opponent raises. The spear is said to be nearly indestructible.

Example: Koga gather a bone spear flower around his hand and aimed it at a iron wall. He would then rush for spearing the wall and bursting directly through leaving a gaping hole inside the wall.


Jutsu Name: Dance of the Camellia

Jutsu Style: Taijutsu

Effect: Using the users ability to manipulate there bone structure, The user will remove a long bone in the form of a sword from there shoulder. Because of the bloodline, the density of the bone can be increased many times so that it is as hard as steel. Using fluid and precise movements, the user will then cut through any opponent within striking distance.

Example: Koga is face by a man and his two clones incoming with quick speed. He would then pull two bone swords from his shoulders and dash forward. As the two clones lunged at him with there kunai pointed to his thoart. Koga would then spin and point the bone blades forward cutting and slashing at the clones hands. He would then suddenly stop directly infront of them positioned in the middle. Then he would dash forward while doing a cross slash to slash bother the clones side casuing them to disappear. While his swords being in a x position infront of him he would then increase his one more time an leap into the air. From there he would spin to gain momentum and forceful slam his body into the man and his swords into his heart and chest.


Jutsu Name: Dance of the Willows

Jutsu Style: Taijutsu

Effect: Using there ability to manipulate the bone structure, the user will grow and extend a forearm bone through the palm of his hand to form a stabbing instrument. Using fluid and precise movements, he will then impale his opponents. (The user may also expel bones from his body as a defense mechanism.

Example: Koga expelled bone from his foreams. He then rushed towards a tree slashign forward and impaling the tree.
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Koga's Known Jutsu. [WIP]
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