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 Banned/Limited Jutsu List (WIP)

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PostSubject: Banned/Limited Jutsu List (WIP)   Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:02 am

The following Jutsu listed on this thread are banned from use in any RP on this site. If you feel that any of the Jutsu on this list shouldn't be banned, feel free to bring it up in discussion with any site admin! Thank you!~

D Rank Jutsu:

  • Body Flicker Technique
  • Decapitating Airwaves
  • Temporary Paralysis

C Rank Jutsu:

  • Extreme Decapitating Airwaves
  • Turning into a Frog Technique
  • Binding Snake Glare Spell

B Rank Jutsu:

  • Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison
  • Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
  • Dead Soul Technique
  • Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
  • Mind Body Disturbance Technique

A Rank Jutsu:

  • Blade of Wind
  • Morning Peacock
  • Space-Time Jutsu
  • Twin Snakes Mutual Death Technique

S Rank Jutsu:

  • Dead Demon Consuming Seal
  • Flying Raijin
  • Living Corpse Reincarnation
  • Lightning Release Armor (Or any body augmentation pertaining to speed.)
  • Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation

Limited Jutsu:

  • Poison Mist- Only slows the target, does not kill.
  • Earth Release: Earth Spear- Lasts three posts, is upgraded to A rank, and costs 25 Chakra per post it lasts.
  • Any Prison Technique- Prison Jutsu that ensnare or trap an enemy are limited to once every seven posts, and may be broken out of.
  • Body Pathway Derangement- Effectiveness limited to a single body part. (Only usable by Medical Nin.)


  • Tsukoyimi- Banned
  • Inazami/Inazagi- Banned
  • Ameterasu- Can only burn chakra.
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Banned/Limited Jutsu List (WIP)
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