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Tenzo Uzumaki

Tenzo Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Tenzo Uzumaki    Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:36 am

Name: Tenzo Uzumaki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Background: Tenzo was born on the outskirts of the land of fire. His mother a beatiful young lady from the Uzumaki clan and his father from a basic clan. Due his mother's unusual chakra signature at birth her resulting chakra signature caused a strang birthmark on Tenzo's face. Suddenly one day the home was attacked by bandits in the midst of his father trying to protect there land and Tenzo's mother who was once again pregnant he was surrounded and killed. The depression was to much to bare for Tenzo's mother who not only had miscarried but sadly lost her life.

Now at 9 Tenzo was eventually adopted by a young ninja that used Tenzo as a tool. He would make him do whatever he  didnt feel like and if he could not complete the task he would get severly beat. One day the man took Tenzo to the strange place. Where kids around his age stood in a line where older men observed them and discussed prices. It was then that he learned this was a place to sell children off a slaves. He like the other kids was sold off and forced to work for people on hours at in with barely any sleep or food. It was not until he was saved by abd older man who worked on staff at the plantation. The man took him and became the father figure he was suppose to have. They eventually made there way to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It was there that Tenzo was enrolled in the ninja academy and quickly excelled. At the age of 16 the man who rescued him passed and he was lef to continue life on his own...


Tenzo is a very handsome young man who appears to be a twenty five year old man. He has slikly shimmer light red hair about ear lengths the ends in spikey tips. He has a light carmel skin tone. One his face lies his birthmark several streaks of red lines ended red tips that shared an uncanny resemblance to flames that you would see on a race car. Around his neck is a tiny purple necklace with a gold rim shaped to the form of a shield. He has a swimmers body with narrow shoulders with firm and well defined abs tri and bi ceps.

His clothing usually tailored creased tan button up with a thin loose seaweed green tie around his neck. He wears badge/brown pants held up up by a double loop white with gold embedded along the middle. His shoes consist of a very shiny black leather dress shoes with thin cotton shoelaces.

Personality: His behavior usually will be very cocky and passive. And yet he's subconciously insecure and timid. He's typically quiet and yet wont give up the chance to speak his mind. He is very easy to manipulate but once betrayed he will definitely become ruthless and unpredictable. Other then that he is his mildy intelligent and occasionally wise and very reliable.

Specialization (Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu)

Majour: Ninjutsu        Minour: Taijutsu

-Chakra Style: Fire

Village of Allegiance: Konoha

Clan: Birthed from Uzumaki Clan currently in Seishin Clan.

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PostSubject: Re: Tenzo Uzumaki    Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:03 am

Approved. Enjoy!
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Tenzo Uzumaki
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