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 Koruton's jutsu

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PostSubject: Koruton's jutsu   Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:30 pm

Jutsu name: Earth Syle-Flying Rock Knives

Jutsu style: Earth Style (Doton)

Effect: The user preforms the necessary hand-signs before slamming their hands on the ground beneath them. After doing so, 15 tiny and extremley sharp stones shoot out from the ground at the target.

Example: Koruton preformed handsigns and slammed his hand on the ground.

Earth style-Flying Rock Knives

Instantly, 15 sharp kinives of rock shot out at the enemy Genin and, although he dodged a few, most of them pierced his bod, damaging him greatly

Jutsu name: Earth Style-Earth Body

Jutsu style: Earth Style (Doton)

Effect: After the user preforms handsigns, the earth infront of them begins to rise and change shape-taking the form of a very big armored knight made of rock. Then, the user takes control of the soldier and controls it's actions, but also looses control of their own body until they release the jutsu.

Example: As a large body of earth appeared infront of Koruton, he said:

Earth Style-Earth Body

Then, as the body started to take the sahpe of an armored knight, Koruton lost conciusness, and regained it in the body of the knight.

Jutsu name: Earth Style-Stone Hand

Jutsu style: Earth Style (Doton)

Effect: After preforming handsings, the user punches his hand into the ground (I mean literally INSIDE the ground). As soon as they do so, a giant hand rises up from somewere in the ground-this hand can either be used to grab,hold or squeeze somebody/something or to smash and attack something. As soon as the user takes their arm out, the jutsu is cancelled, forcing the hand to crumble up into dust.

Example: As soon as Koruton stuck his arm in the ground, a giant arm rose up from underneath the running chunin, grabbing him and lifting him up in the air.

Jutsu name: Earth Style-Earth Burden

Jutsu style: Earth Style (Doton)

Effect: After preformin handsigns, the user has to touch their opponent for this jutsu to take effect. As soon as the opponent is touched, the user uses their chakra to create a large piece of earth atached to their enemy. This will weigh the enemy down and thus, make them slower. Can only be used 3 times on 1 target.

Example: Upon touching him, a large piece of earth was created on Koruotn's opponent:

Earth Style-Earth Burden

As Koruton jumped back, and his opponent ran towards him, Koruton was able t easily dodge his enemy since his speed had been reduced.

Jutsu name: Earth Style-The Stone Guards

Jutsu Style: Earth Style (Doton)

Effect: After preforming a long sequence of handsings (It takes 1 post to preform handsigns before the jutsu is actually activated. The jutsu activates on the 2nd post) the user slams their hands on the ground. Then, from both left and right, earth begins to gather into 2 places. Then, the earth rises up and takes the form of 2 giant stone lions, each standing next to the user. 1 of the lions has a hard skin and can defend the user from many powerful jutsus, while the other can use ranged jutsus, such as the fireball jutsu. The user cannot move while he controls the lions, however, the jutsu is not cancelled if he DOES move.

Example: Koruton was laying one the floor, severely wounded. He knew that he could not beat his opponent, not unless he used that jutsu-his trumph card.
He just had enough chakra for it, so he began doing a very long sequence of handsigns.

Next Post:

After finishing his handsigns, he slammed his hands on the ground, yelling:

"Prepare yourself!Earth Style-Stone Guards

Instantly, 2 large pieces of earth rose from both sides, and then turned into giant eath lions. "Wha-what the hell is this jutsu?" yelled his opponent, moments before being crushed by the foot of the lion on the left. "The moment i decided to activate this jutsu," Koruton said, panting heavily, "You had lost."

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PostSubject: Re: Koruton's jutsu   Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:32 pm

Knives: B

Body: A and 15 Chakra every post it lasts.
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Koruton's jutsu
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