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 Kisorgi fighting two genin level Taijutsu users. (For the shits and giggles.)

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PostSubject: Kisorgi fighting two genin level Taijutsu users. (For the shits and giggles.)   Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:59 am

Kisorgi arrived into the arena. He was ready for this fight. It was simple, beat or get beaten by Two Genin Ninjas. You could say that this is a test for the two, whom volunteered. So, They knew what they were getting into. He didn't know the two names, it was better off that way. He took of his Ninja tunic and stretched.

"Stretch why don't you? It loosens up your muscles and let's you take more damage, or at least in my experience it does." Kisorgi said

The kids rolled their eyes and stretched. They knew they were in for one hell of a fight, Chunin or not Kisorgi was good. They knew his record from back when he was in the academy, rarely beaten, if ever. 1 of them was Gentle fist and the other weapons. He had the counter to both. He readied his fists. They both charged. The one with weapons drew a kunai and slashed, which was dodged because Kisorgi leaned back. He hopped back and grabbed his sword from it's sheath. He smiled and knew it was gonna be a fun fight.

He ran forward and sliced at the one with the kunai, missing on purpose. The Boy with the Kunai jumped back and looked at his partner with desperation. Kisorgi hopped back and grabbed his sheath, wearing it and putting the sword in it. Clearly He couldn't switch back and forth with a snap of his fingers. He ran at the unarmed one.

The Girl whom knew Gentle fist moved to the side, avoiding Kisorgis first move. She managed to dodge a few more of his blows before getting hit in the gut. She moved back and looked to the boy. The boy charged, his footsteps loud. Kisorgi drew his sword and blocked the boys kunai before it could reach him.

"Not bad, I must say you keep up with me fairly well." He said.

"Of course we do! We are the best at the academy!" The girl said.

"Sure you are, now, If you will, fight me full force." He said.

The boy with the Kunai pressed against his blade, and Kisorgi pushed back, pushing the boy over. He sheathed his sword again and went hand to hand with the girl. He dodged a few of her blows and kicked her in the gut. The boy with the Kunai tried so slice him but he rolled out of the way, and kicked the boy in the nose. It hurt the boy but only caused a stagger. The boy slashed again and again, every time Kisorgi dodged it. The boy stopped and looked at the girl, whom smirked. She had gotten up and was ready to fight once again.

She charged Kisorgi, hitting him in the gut with a good shot. It staggered him as he was suprised. The next attack she did was blocked. Kisorgi was getting tired out by these two. He could keep up the fight awhile longer mind you. He kicked her in the gut off the block and then in the head. She landed on her back. The boy with the Kunai charged and was disarmed after trying 3 or 4 swipes at Kisorgi. Kisorgi then flipped him on his back. He kicked him in the gut, and let him lie there, thinking he was done.

The girl got up and without him noticing had aimed a kick at his rib, which he took full force. He staggered back from it, but stayed standing. He looked at the girl and wondered why she just won't go down. She started to flurry kicks, which he parryed most and blocked the others. He parryed one last kick, and kicked her behind her knee, which put her to her knee. He then roundhouse kicked her head. This knocked her clean out.

The boy had gotten up. He had two kunais now.. as if it mattered. The boy slashed and slashed, but was tired and hurt. This slowed his movements, but as Kisorgis movements were also slowing. Kisorgi kicked one kunai out of the boys hand, and grabbed it. It now was a one on one kunai fight. They clashed a few times, Kisorgi winning 2 out of 3, the boy won the last one. The two knocked each others Kunais out of each others hands. The two charged and Kisorgi won the wrestling match that ensued. He finished the match and sat by his stuff.
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Kisorgi fighting two genin level Taijutsu users. (For the shits and giggles.)
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