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 Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation

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PostSubject: Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation   Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:54 pm

Jutsu name: Fuinjutsu: Storage

Jutsu style: Fuinjutsu (Art of Seals)

Effect: Gathering Chakra in his palms, the user then expands it around a chakra-based or inanimate target, which then takes the appearance of Chains to completely cover it, and then contract the target to seal it away in this jutsu user's body, much like any other Sealing Technique. Upon sealing, the target remains intact, but can be modified at the user's will in two different types.

One of them would be to drain it from all it's Chakra, allowing the user to recover 1/5 (rounded-down) of the Chakra used to make the target and make it his own. The other would be to add his own Chakra to give it an extra punch, such as more power or speed. For an inanimate object, none of these changes can be applied.

The target's release is at will. The only required method to unseal it is for the user to be willing to do so and snap his fingers.

Example: An ennemy uses a Fireball jutsu to attack. You expand your Chakra around it and compress it to seal it into your own body. Then, by malaxing your Chakra, you can either recover 1/5 (rounded down) of the Chakra used for the Fireball or add some of your own, or not at all, and release it at a moment you deem right.

Jutsu name: Juinjutsu: Body Boost/Reduce

Jutsu style
: Juinjutsu (Art of Curses)

Effect: By condensing his Chakra in his hand, the user creates a Seal to apply upon his target via a successfully landed hit, affecting one of its body's properties. Juinjutsu: Body Boost can give it an extra kick, allowing for a greater strength of speed, while Juinjutsu: Body Reduce weakens a body's property, reducing the target's speed or strength. The improved or decreased property must be chosen as the Seal is created.

The effects last for three posts before disappearing, but it takes yet another post after the Seal's disappearance to recover the usual physical property's potential.

Example:By using Juinjutsu: Body Boost on yourself, you can grant yourself an extra speed proficiency, thus allowing you to run faster or execute movements faster.

By afflicting a target with Juinjutsu: Body Reduce, you can choose to reduce his speed, making him half as fast as he would usually be.

Jutsu name: Juinjutsu: Body Mutation

Jutsu style: Juinjutsu (Art of Curses)

Effect: Gathering Chakra in his hand, the user forms a Seal to apply on contact with his target via a successfully landed hit. Upon applying the Seal, the user can choose a part of the physical body to mutate, thus giving it special properties temporarily. Those properties can be a resistance to something, extra limbs, or a special attack, like the ability to become venomous through claws and teeth attacks.

Example: Using Juinjutsu: Body Mutation on yourself, you grant yourself the ability to breathe underwater, thus allowing you to fight underwater without the annoyance of needing to go back out to breathe.

In another situation, you use it on yourself to grow sharp claws to use them in combat, in which a small dose of poison is released on hit.
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PostSubject: Re: Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation   Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:35 pm

Jutsu name: Fuinjutsu: Storage A-rank due to it's uncanny ability as inst/regenerative shield
Jutsu name: Juinjutsu: Body Boost/Reduce A-rank
Jutsu name: Juinjutsu: Body Mutation S-rank and creepy as hell.
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Posts : 105
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Age : 25
Location : Everywhere, yet nowhere

PostSubject: Re: Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation   Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:35 am

(I know this isn't following the template, but I didn't feel like rewritting everything)

Name: Infernal Layers

*Note: if you want any additionnal information on the Jutsu, I suggest you read Chapter 2 of "Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells" from D&D 3.5, all Jutsu here are based on each of the Nine Hells' Layers. Also, their activation is similar to the Celestial Gates: if the Ninth is opened, the user will die, but they don't affect Chakra Circulation, so the user can still use Ninjutsu and other types he uses."

Name: First Layer: Avernus's Scythe
Effect: A strong wind surrounds the user and spreads wider and wider, cutting everything on its path to shreds. It can extend on a radius of two meters maximum.

Name: Second Layer: Dis's Emergeance
Effect: The ground around the user becomes black and transforms, being shaped differently. Razor-sharp rock edges grow from the ground and pillars rise at will. This Jutsu's effect can be spread to up to two meters radius.

Name: Third Layer: Minauros's Swamp Birth
Effect: Acidic rain starts falling from the sky, turning the land into a big, muddy swamp. Due to the mud, the movement is reduced and, due to the acidic rain, damage is dealt by being in contact with it. The zone has a radius of two meters maximum and never touches the user, moving with him.

Name: Fourth Layer: Phlegethos's River
Effect: A lake of fire appears on a 2 meters radius zone, but leaves the user untouched by it, spreading as he moves but never entering in contact with him. The flames are intense and try to spread even more, which would be more than likely to happen if anything flamable gets within its reach. The fire can be used for Katon Jutsu.

Name: Fifth Layer: Stygia's Fall
Effect: A twister of very cold water covers a maximum of 2 meters radius around the user, freezing the ground and covering it with a thin layer of ice, making it just tough enough to stay up and stable. The water temperature would cause frostburns if touched. The water can be used like any other water for Suiton Jutsu. (Note: this isn't a Hyoton (Ice) jutsu. it is only very, very cold water.)

Name: Sixth Layer: Malbolge's Devouring Plane
Effect: Many razor-sharp spikes rise from the ground and form mouths which attack the target, going as far as two meters away. If the Mouths were to hit, the target would be drawn into the ground, trapping him or her there.

Name: Seventh Layer: Maladomini's Decay
Effect: On a two meter radius around the user, the land starts to rot and the air becomes polluted and poisonous, causing nausea and a small, yet quite important decay of the skin, turning some spots of it black and reducing the ability to move them. Poisonous gas can be controlled by the user.

Name: Eighth Layer: Cania's Frostburn
Effect: A blue Fire vortex surrounds the user, affecting its environment. Unlike normal fire, which gives away heat, the Blue Fire of this technique is as cold as possible, even more than ice itself. The land can catch fire, but, instead of spreading flames, it would cover in Ice and Frost. The user can manipulate the Blue Fire at will.

Name: Ninth Layer: Nessus's Void
Effect: The user's body transforms into the one of a Devil and a deep crevasse appears under his feet. While he floats above, without flying, anyone else would fall due to intense gravity and descending air currents (like in a black hole). The crevasse is 200 feet deep and has a radius of 4 meters. When the enemy is finally caught and has descended or if the user goes out of Chakra, the user will turn back to his original appearance and fall in the hole, which will then seal itself as if it never existed.
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PostSubject: Re: Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation   

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Wakitaro's Jutsu Creation
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