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 Here is the friend I talked about. Enjoy ^^

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PostSubject: Here is the friend I talked about. Enjoy ^^   Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:08 am

Name: Wakitaro Saiken (epic dramatic music note)

Age: Twenty years-old

Gender: Male

Background: As I opened my eyes, everything was pitch black, leaving no trace of any light to see. As the regained control over my body, I felt the touch of cold, hard stone under me, the smell of fresh air slowly reaching my nose. My head and chest were hurting like never before. As I moved my hand to reach my torso, I felt a scar that was not there before. a straight line, as if a blade had went through and was removed just as fast as it entered.

It then came back to me. The village, the incoming threat, my friends, my family, my plan. Had it worked? I remembered my idea to bring back balance to the village, which was then menaced by the Akatsuki. They wished to destroy the leaders, my closest friends and I, but I thought that, by faking the deaths of the others and take the credit of their death for myself, the people's hatred would be turned onto me and thus fortifying its structure. For two years I lived as a tyrant, keeping on this image of my evil self until the very end. The last thing I remember before everything turned black is my servant holding his blade to proceed to my fake execution just like I had done with the other Council members, leaders of my village, Kumiaigakure no Sato. His blade dipped in a special toxin of my creation that would have made me die then resurrect at most two days later was made specially to deliver a fatal blow, yet it would leave not damage to my internal structure, which I made sure by examining myself carefully. What had happened since then?

I slowly sat and removed the mask on my head to wipe the dust away, allowing me to see once more. I was in a cave, inside a mountain, judging from the horizon I could see from the entrance. I tried to get up, but a sudden weakness hit me and I had to hold against the wall in order to not fall on the ground. My stomach felt as if it was on fire and it took all my will for me not to vomit. Only then had I noticed that Shussan had disappeared. What had happened? Had something went wrong? Waiting a few moments for my strength to return, I walked out of the cave and into the sunlight, carefully replacing my Mask on my head in the process. How long had I been unconscious? But, more importantly, where was I? Nothing here seemed familiar to me, and yet I knew every corner of the village. What did fate have in mind for me this time?

This place was not one I was used to. Nature felt different, as well as the air itself. As I looked down the mountain, I noticed that it was part of a village, quite important judging by its size. Farther away, at what seemed like the main gate, I could read a sign with big letters on it.


No village had that name before, and I was sure it was not mine that changed, since there was no mountain near it. Had Shussan's disappearance created a portal to another dimension, similar to mine, yet different too? I went down the stair path and headed to the center of the village, exploring and analyzing my new home. Until I find a way to go back to mine, I would have to make sure to adapt to this world as much as possible.

Appearance: Tall and slim, I believe very few would take me for a threat were they to face me one day, for I look weak and frail, but I am far from that. Always wearing my dark red cape over my black clothes, I trust I have nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe for my eternal Mask. Made in a special black metal alloy of my own conception, it weights little but is highly resistant. This Mask holds many secrets that I should not reveal just yet, for very few people know about it.

Under it, there is, of course, my own figure. Black hair cut just long enough to hide my purple eyes if I was to look down while bowing my head.People say I have a childish expression, but they also say that my serious face can bring a chill in the back.

Personality: Opinions on me are always different. Some say I am a dangerous evil man, corrupted by power and greed, while others, even if few, believe I am a man of justice and honor. As for myself, I like to think that I am but a researcher looking for ways to improve myself and others as well, even if it means risking a lot. And you can believe me that, when I want something, I get it in time, either through force or diplomacy. Never panicking, I know how to stay calm even in the toughest of situations. Maybe that is why people say that I can not feel anything, that I have a heart of stone... If only they knew that, under this disguise of treachery and madness lies the will to help and prosper. For everything that I do, I try my best to do it for the good of the community.

Specialization (Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu)

Majour: Ninjutsu

Minour: Taijutsu

-Chakra Style (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning) (Only detail if Ninjutsu chosen as a Specialization).


Village of Allegiance: Kumiaigakure no Sato (for those who wonder, that was the name of the previous NaruPG's village)

Clan: Saiken
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PostSubject: Re: Here is the friend I talked about. Enjoy ^^   Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:23 am

Approved. I look forward to a meeting with you, sir.

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Here is the friend I talked about. Enjoy ^^
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