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 Isamu, Poncho

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PostSubject: Isamu, Poncho   Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:30 am

Name: Poncho Isamu

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Background: Poncho was born in an upper class family as an only child and was considered a blessing. His family line has the odd tendency to bear little children, making him a treasure. He was spoiled and raised as if he were a king. This made children his age pick on him and usually stray away.
Seeing this his parents spoiled him more, metaphorically putting him a whole that would only grow deeper. Being young he didn't care though, he was glad with all of the toys and gadgets his parents were buying him. This is where the love of mechanism and engineering branched from. Eventually he quit trying to socialize with the other kids and only tended to his toys, breaking them down and building new ones. Noticing his love for building contraptions, his parents ever so happy to please him, one day bought him his very own workshop, equipped with all he needed. At the age of seven Poncho was already making amateur level puppets and selling them, making a market of his own. No one would trust buying puppets from a seven year old though, so the name Queso came about.

As time past and he entered the academy, he eventually made a couple of friends and that soon enough turned into a network of close pals. But with Poncho's above average understanding of physics and other general knowledge, he graduated early, leaving behind his amigo's. Again he went back to square one, into his workshop, and found company with his puppets. He hardly has the motivation to do activities as a Genin, since most of his fellow ninja are years older. But slowly missions came to him and his time as a Chunin came.

Now finally able to embark on missions and have ample mind others to communicate with Poncho has become a much more active Shinobi.


Poncho wears a black Japanese school outfit, mixed with his own stylized preference. This outfit consist of a long sleeve black V-neck jacket with a zipper and faint white stitching. Underneath he wears an orange hoodie.

Or on some occasions a short sleeve hockey jersey, with black under armor beneath it.

His lower-half is fairly simple, just a pair of slim form fitting black dress pants or sometimes black cargo shorts. For his sole of choice, he chooses to wear black rubber cleats that has a single red band encompassing the curve in ones mid foot area.

With him being ten, he still looks very young and boyish. His skin is smooth and soft and his voice follows suit. He keeps his hair at a short length, in an unkempt bowl cut. His muscles are not very defined, since he is a fairly young ninja, but he still has typical Chunin strength from playing and tinkering with contraptions.

Poncho is a shy, but vibrant character and hardly gets in down moods. He likes exploring both mentally and physically, always expanding trying to expand his knowledge. He likes to tinker with mechanisms and learn how things work, making him quite curious and hungry for information. Even with him being young, he has a bundle of more wisdom than most his age.

Due to his childhood, he has distanced himself away from his fellow Genin, but gladly helps when he is asked. He has minor trust issues and feels putting his fate in other peoples hands scary, though he prefers to never take lead. He likes to see others succeed and help them chase their dreams and that usually makes him happy and excel with them.

He is shy towards strangers especially females, but once decently acquainted he really opens up. Showing his sarcasm, mischievousness, competitive side, and even his sensitive side. This comes after he feels comfortable enough to trust someone though. And often he doesn't mind acting as if he does trust people, usually making it quite the surprise when he suddenly turns people down.

Unlike most ninja's he doesn't mind being bright and colorful and likes to see people who are. He finds it easier to be himself around them. He can be blunt at times, due to not having much social interaction, so he stands in a more mature light. Like his puppets he knows what strings to pull on people, who to ask what, when to ask them, and how to ask them.  He knows what mask to wear at the right time, to usually get what he wants and his favorite is the innocent child.  


Majour: Kugujutsu

Minour: Taijutsu

-Chakra Style: Earth

Village of Allegiance: Konohagakure

Clan: N/A
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Isamu, Poncho
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