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 NinTaijutsu System [Suggestion]

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PostSubject: NinTaijutsu System [Suggestion]   Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:13 am

Easily a style of fighting to be exploited and to make someone utterly OP and take the fun out of RPing for others. But it can also be a great thing, if a balance is found and members use it as directed. This doesn't apply to Lightning Release Armor, at least I don't think it does. This system could apply to it however if the staff sees fit. This is another suggestion, but limit the amount of Nintaijutsu users. This isn't a DBZ forum where everyone can go Super Sayian and in canon there was only one Nintaijutsu user, meaning it is a legendary technique.

Here is an article about Nintaijutsu. But take note, with this great power, comes not responsibility, but drawbacks. This style will be a double edged sword and if you fail to provide ample drawbacks, usually greater than the benefits you will be denied. Then why use it and make a system? Because, if used correctly and fairly it can be fun for both parties.

Here I will give you some examples of drawbacks, feel free to make your own, but make sure they are really something.

  • Torn Muscles: This drawback as it states are multiple torn muscles, usually from highspeed movements and pushing the body far body 100%. Commonly feats from Wind and Lightning Nintaijutsu. Something to compare it to is Rock Lee and Might Gai after use of the Eight Celestial Gates. You will be unable to stand for 5 Post if used in burst, 7 if sustainable. This applies for Speed Boost Nintaijutsu and Strength Boost.
  • Over Heating: Typically from Fire Release Techniques or Lightning Release Techniques. The muscles have been overheated and sometimes burned and scorched from constant heat, from voltage or external fire. Afflicted body parts are unusable for 5 Post if used in burst, 7 if sustainable. Whether it be hands or legs. Usually Strength Boosting Nintaijutsu.
  • Condensed Muscles: A rare one, but from the from lowering the temperature of certain areas, the muscles have not shrunk, but scrunched up tightly. Since they are now past being not stretched, use of these areas with result in an instant Torn Muscle. This drawback last for 5 post and if you happen to get a Torn Muscle while in this state add your respective amounts. ie: I have condensed muscles. Last 3 post without use of my legs. Then use my leg and get a torn muscle. So I add either 5 or 7, because now the Muscle is Torn instead of condensed.
  • Exclusive Jutsu only. You can't use Lightning Release Armor and spawn 15 clones, that is unfair. Have an arsenal of three move, 3 moves, that are corresponding with your Nintaijutsu. They are all that you will have other than basic taijutsu, which should naturally be enough. These jutsu are not to increase your numbers and will be monitored heavily. Once you use one of your Nintaijutsu Techniques, the Nintaijutsu will pass and your drawback will kick in.
  • Speed boost are limited to linear paths. No stopping abruptly, because your organs will smash into your skeletal frame and you will die. You can make a wide turn, but no tight turns. Also this isn't a rule, feel free to, but the moment you do, you will be deemed incapacitated on the spot.

That sucks right? Well time for the fun part, but not too much fun, we Nintai users still have to have limits with our drawbacks. But don't worry the limits aren't too harsh. There are several ways Nintaijutsu can be used. It can either be sustained, like Lightning Release Armor, or used in burst or spurts. Please note sustained Nintaijutsu will have heavier limits and spurts will have a certain number of uses. Let it be known that no Nintaijutsu, not counting Lightning Release Armor, can exceed the speed of the Third Gate without meeting certain requirements. At this speed you are still traceable, barely, but you can be seen without a Doujutsu.

Now for a weird part. You may only reach up to Gate Five Speed if you are facing an opponent with an Activated Doujutsu. Just them having a Sharingan isn't enough, it must be active. This means that if the match is 2 v 1 and one of your enemy's is using a Doujutsu, but the other isn't, the other may be screwed. At Gate Five Speed it is the same as above, Doujutsu users can barely trace you, but none Doujutsu users cannot. Again the speed is only usable if the opponent uses a Doujutsu.

Now for some simple rules.

  • If your Nintaijutsu is sustainable, you can use it for 5 post, before you succumb to the effects of your respective drawback. Around post 3 you will begin to feel the effects of your drawback, this doesn't mean the timer started, but you are getting a feel for what's to come.
  • If your Nintaijutsu is used in Spurts or Burst, you have 5 uses, before succumbing to effects of your respective drawback. But you have 7 Post to use your Burst. Around 3 uses you will begin to feel the drawback, this doesn't mean the timer started, but you will feel it come into effect.
  • Strength Boost are hard to gauge, but use them responsibly. This is your warning right here, do not abuse Strength Boost and lift a giant tree, you will lose your rights to Nintaijutsu and possibly get it banned for those that have responsibility.

There may be, I repeat may be, ways to increase you duration and uses, don't count on it. If it does become possible, expect an arm and a leg for exchange and expect the task to be graded heavily and be time consuming.

Now for some notes to help you combat and use Nintaijutsu. I advise you read both, regardless if you are a user or not. Knowledge is power.

These are to help you combat and use Nintaijutsu better. First I will help the people combating it.

  • If you know someone has Nintaijutsu, be careful, easy as that. They may or may not use it, but be careful
  • Bring a friend. Simple as strength in numbers.
  • Have defensive techniques. The best defense is not a great offense, because if you can't hit them, you will get thrashed. Get some defensive jutsu.
  • Be careful when you activate your Doujutsu. If your buddy doesn't have one, don't screw him over, by using your Sharingan, he will be a sitting duck.
  • Take out the enemies numbers. Yes you can trace them, but if they have multiple people you will have trouble focusing.
  • Do not Meta Game if they have many people on the field, respect that and accept, that your char can either focus on the Nintaijutsu user or the multiple enemies, not both.
  • Save the Nintai user for either last or take him out immediately.
  • Stall. When they activate their Nintaijutsu, stall, stall, stall. Time is your ally, because after that timer, the match is basically yours.
  • Avoid them. Not the smartest choice, because it does take away the fun for them to, but you can always not fight them, though you can't die without permission, so there shouldn't really be a problem there.
  • Ask them. We are all human and understanding people. Ask them kindly to not use the Nintaijutsu. Maybe you are a beginner and just want a casual fight. They should respect that, if they don't then they are silly,
  • A cornered Cat becomes a Lion. What that means? Figure it out, but surely you may not like what you see.
  • Keep Nintaijutsu users in check. Yes it seems like they have a godly power, but only for a bit, and it is actually easy to counter. David beat Goliath. Use your head and you can easily defeat a Nintaijutsu user.
  • This is only recommended for those who are very confident in their abilities. Force them to use the Nintaijutsu, because once it's over, they are basically done.
  • If a Speed Booster makes that sharp juke, call them on it, you just won the battle.

Now for Nintaijusu users. Take these notes and write them in your eyelids, because time isn't your friend.

  • Don't use Nintaijutsu until you absolutely need it. Starting a battle off with Nintaijutsu is silly. Wear the enemy down, then strike when they are left open.
  • Use Nintaijutsu near defeat. I'm not saying this is Pokemon and a full restore, but when the odds are against you and you feel almost defeated, go out with a bang, heck you may even win.
  • Number, numbers, numbers. Remember you are barely traceable, but that still requires focus. You can't use clones, but surely a travelling companion can be helpful.
  • Remember, linear paths are the devil. You are limited to linear paths if you have a speed boost, so tread carefully or you will lose.
  • Practice. Make a friend and get use to your Nintaijutsu, because hopping into a battle and expecting to just win with it is silly. Before you know it, your Burst are gone or your timer has drained.
  • Save that Nintaijutsu technique for when you really need it. Try to hang onto it until your last Burst or Post.
  • When you know your Nintaijutsu is about to end . . . I'm not even going to finish this statement, because it should be implied.
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PostSubject: Re: NinTaijutsu System [Suggestion]   Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:16 pm

Very strict, but not unfair. I'll ask the other Admins to read this after me. Not bad.
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NinTaijutsu System [Suggestion]
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