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 Wings Spread Wide[Open Travel]

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PostSubject: Wings Spread Wide[Open Travel]   Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:24 am

Ahhh here he was. At the village gates of Kumogakure, Mateo Verde stood ready to depart. Surely just waltzing out of the village wouldn't fly, so he had a little help from upstairs. That being his clan. Not a common site, but some Torai members did still dwell in Kumogakure and didn't take to the mountains with the rest of the clan. So his "lie" would make sense and be as believable as the next thing. In his usual outfit and Military captains jacket, with golden chains for highlighting purposes, a nice dark romantic shade of red dress shirt with a tie, then his normal form complimenting black dress pants. They fit not too tight, but good enough to really showcase his physique and the length of his legs, being slightly longer than most. Since he would be away for some time and on the open roads for an unknown amount of time he was also bringing a black messengers bag with him.

Stepping through the gates he was immediately stopped. "Hey where do you think you are going. I wasn't informed about any field missions going on or any exports, explain." Mateo sighed. Yeah the man was doing his job, but it was still a pain. Opening his bag he withdrew a few documents. "These are official Torai Clan documents validating my leave." The guards eyes widened upon reading the papers and he instantly changed his expression and gestured for Mateo's forgiveness. "I apologize greatly Mateo-sama, please forgive me." Mateo was slightly irritated at the display the man put on. Yes he was being respectful and just the name of the Torai clan held a great amount of power in Kumogakure, but Mateo wished he would be treated like anyone else. Whether that be rude, polite, humorous, or whatever they were. He just wanted genuine feelings, but he new his name carried more power than he would ever want. And him being the clan head wasn't any help, but on his journey he would be sure to dawn his other persona.

He sighed and patted the man on shoulder. "It's no problem, but take it easy ok. I'm still human after all." He gave a true smile to the guard teeth and all and the man gave a reassuring nod then a smile. "There we go haha! Maybe a little too excited, but Mateo was glad to see the man was true to his feelings and didn't act to formal around him. "You have a good time on your trip and stay safe! Oh and if you get the chance head to Konoha, they are having their elections for Hokage, maybe you can scout for us and tell us who gets elected. These are times of peace, but we must always be ready." Mateo stopped in his tracks. A Kage election huh? "Hmmmm . . . just maybe." He stopped his train of thought and was actually looking forward to the event. A chance to see what those Konoha ninja were made of, maybe he would rile up some mischief, but the guard was right. Though this was an age of peace, one could never lower their guard. The art of deceit was always a ninja's greatest tool. "Will do, also if it's not too much to ask, prepare a festival for my return. I may be bringing a few Konoha ninja's with me back home. Just an idea for now, but I will send a messenger bird prior to my return with details and if it is absolute."
"Alright then, enjoy your travels!" Mateo extended a single hand waving over his head as he continued walking.

The path was solid rock and slanted, representing he was leaving the naturally protective mountains of Kumogakure. The air slowly became thicker and Mateo felt almost super human. Being a Kumogakure ninja was one thing, but being raised in the mountains owned by the Torai clan was another. His lungs felt as if the only need one breath of air to carry him to his destination, that being Konoha. Slowly as he gained distance from the Raikage's village the squawking of seagulls died down and so did the crashing of waves.

Now out in the wilderness of the Ninja World, Mateo was ready to make his debut.
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Wings Spread Wide[Open Travel]
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