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 Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]

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PostSubject: Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]   Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:38 am

Deep in the mountains of Kumogakure, training in the thin atmosphere was Mateo. Not a rare site, for the maturing teen was raised around these parts, but surely what activities he was about to partake in would be different. For today he had a scroll with him. Not a common occurrence and usually when he would journey down from the mountains after taking a scroll a jutsu capable of amazing feats was learned. This was absolute and Mateo wouldn't ruin his streak today, even if that meant camping in the mountains, he wouldn't return until this skill wasn't mastered, but introduced to his body.

Eager as ever, Mateo sadly still had a ways to go to reach the peak. Why train at the peak? Of course to make the training session as harsh as possible. At his current elevation his breathing was still normal, since he was raised in the thin air, but he was targeting a location named Heavenly Hell. An opposition, but rightfully named. For the mountain peeked out of the very clouds of earth themselves reaching into the heavens and most would consider it training reaching the area. But hell, for the many souls that have died due to suffocation and pushing past their limits. Making them helplessly faint at the peek and die while unconscious.

Taking probably necessary precaution, Mateo began his training with meditation. Assuming the proper stance he closed his eyes, now at the peak of Heavenly Hell. Meditation may seem foreign to most, but to Mateo it was second nature. Very popular in the Torai clan and now even more necessary for him, due to a certain gift he had been given. This gift was none other than his Third Eye or Toraigan. It would take a moment to clear his mind and being in no rush, he would be sure to be ready before hopping into it. He respected the power he had been bestowed and trusted with, so of course he would follow precautions for use.

Filtering through a veil of clouds, he found himself in a clear blue sky, but upon looking down he saw a blanket of white. He was above the clouds, but upon ventured further he saw a small island making its presence known. The island was strangely flat however, but had a single tree that bent oddly, probably a bonsai tree. Accompanying the tree, more importantly, was an idle figure. He wasn't moving as if under an ancient incantation. Upon touching the lone figure, Mateo regained consciousness. His meditation process was over and now his Third Eye was visible. Though the teen showed minor embarrassment in the abnormality and allowed his loose medium length hair to fall over it partially, hiding the blessing from the world.

"Ok then lets see." He spoke casually to himself reading over the scroll. While reading, he would be sure to monitor his breathing to ensure his lungs were adjusting to the foreign lack oxygen. "Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, Monkey." He said each words slowly as if learning a new language, all the while forming the appropriate seals and molding his chakra. With each sign he felt the mass build up and he came to a stand holding the final seal, that being the Monkey.

Nervously perceiving his own heartbeat, the teen began to flood chakra into his right hand. That being his dominant limb, he grasped his right forearm with his left. Using the left to allocate Raiton chakra into the arm, forming a crackling mass. It was similar to his Jupiter's Temple Jutsu, but it lacked shape manipulation, it was simply a powerful constant bursting lightning mass. Just holding the beast he felt powerful, but slowly his hand began to overheat and he dispelled it.

Chakra Remaining: 365/400
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PostSubject: Re: Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]   Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:45 am

Shaking the slightly singed limb, he relived it from the heat and tingling nerves. Not even activated from thirty seconds, but he already felt toll of this jutsu, truly something to be used when only utterly needed. But when was it needed? What could it do? He didn't maintain the current of high voltage long enough to figure out, so sadly he would attempt it again. Still aware of his breaths and the pace of his heart, he went through the seals slowly.

"Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, Monkey." By sheer reflex, Mateo grasped his right forearm, pouring his chakra reserves into his palm. With the aid of the Toraigan, his chakra was expended much cleaner and it allowed him to use less than most, but that wasn't important right now. Focusing on controlling the deafening banshee named Chidori, still grabbing his right arm, he took his first step. Then another and another. He needed a target, the overgrown bonsai tree was always there, but for some reason he felt bad even imagining harming the wooden mass. Glancing at a small group of huddled boulders and began his advance. He could already feel, that a walking speed wasn't going to get him the results he wanted, so he began a jog.

Reaching the gathered stones, with a moderate, but inadequate speed, he thrust his screaming jutsu into them, only to have it deactivate, before the strike.

Chakra Remaining: 330/400
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PostSubject: Re: Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]   Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:11 pm

His hand at the point was charred and fuming black smoke, from the heat and his whole arm was tingling. He was used to Lightning Release. For heavens sake, he didn't have the nickname Jupiter for nothing, but this jutsu surely was something else. But that something else wasn't too much for the mighty Jupiter to handle. No nothing could conquer his will power. But will power had nothing to do with taking a break. He was already dripping sweat, from his light jog and was gasping for air. The exertion of chakra and the lack of common oxygen levels. He was really feeling it, but being able to perform the jutsu with these conditions must have meant he was getting the hang of it. He couldn't stop now then! He shook his head mustering up the strength to try again. He was on the brink of success and couldn't let fatigue halt his growth as a shinobi. "I am Jupiter, feel my Lightning as I strike you green with envy!" Shifting through a set of handseals like they were garbage thanks to muscle memory, Mateo's body began to crackle with Emerald voltage. His hair now raised due to his static, his Toraigan was fully visible. The Third Eye seemed to also wake up from the sudden fluctuation in Mateo's chakra levels, it was wide eyed almost surprised looking.

Mateo now not bothering to walk through the handseals like a beginner, he shifted through the combo like a true shinobi. But something was different when he grabbed his right arm this time. The lightning that formed was a luscious green, surely it was influenced by his previous jutsu, but Mateo had not the time to worry about it. Time was of the essence and his fatigue was catching up. Flexing his muscles tightly, he charged the poor Bonsai tree. He knew he would feel bad and regret it, but for now it was the only target in line with him, since he ad previously struck the cluster of boulders.

Running at top speed, his vision warped inward into a tunnel, with the center being the wooden tree. He was moving pretty fast pushing his muscles to their max. Closing in he slammed his hand into the natural insulator and to his surprise, he was successful. Even when faced against wood, this jutsu showed superiority and pierced it's skin. "Ugh no time to relish in the moment gotta get out of here." Selfishly withdrawing his hand that was implanted into the tree, which still showed traces of his lightning, he trudged back to the path he had taken to get to Heavenly Hell.

Successfully he made it. Not to complete safety, but far enough to avoid death, he knew he positively couldn't make it to the bottom back into Kumogakure. So he made a rest stop in a small cave. There was still sunlight to expend, so he wouldn't retreat within its depths yet, instead his examined his hand. His clothing was tattered and his hand was red, black with soot and ash, and peach in small areas, the peach being his natural skin color. The Chidori had burned away his skin and he knew he would need to purchase bandages and probably extra. This technique surely would find its way into the ambitious Torai's arsenal. Whether it be for peace keeping or any other deed, it would prove to be a move like no other.

Chakra Remaining: 275/400

Word Count: 1472/500
Think I'm good.
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PostSubject: Re: Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]   Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:24 am

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PostSubject: Re: Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]   

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Flight of the Three Eyed Hawk[Training Open]
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