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 Ginjo Kaguya

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Holy Water

Holy Water

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PostSubject: Ginjo Kaguya   Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:26 am

Name: Ginjo Kaguya

Age: 17

Gender: Male


[[Which Ever Rank You Want To Give Me]]

Appearance: Ginjo face would always show no emotion, but the distinct feature is his clans trait which is seen on his forehead. He likes to tie his hair back as its very long to about his waist in length. Around his eyes are the shade of red that too being a clan trait. His body build is rather slim but very tone at the same time, he would wear rather baggy clothes to feel free such as his normal attire which consists of dark colors but the sleeves would have 2 red stripes, his clothes would resemble something a samurai would wear. His ninja sandals would be different to some in his village as the color would be black and white, looking more like boots then the regular standard ones. He wears the traditional sound style belt to hold his clothes in check, since he refuses to carry weapons of any sort. His skin color is fairly pale which would make his green vivid eyes stand out more, usually the clan members on kaguya have 2 red dots on their forehead but ginjo has 4 for no reason what so ever, plus the color of the band he always uses to hold his hair in place is the color red, as its his favorite color. The body type of ginjo even though its rather slim his features are toned and chiseled due to the taijutsu training in his life, his body has no signs of scars at all. He would rather keep his hair bundled up as it gets in the way of him fighting and it causing distractions, he would only bring it down when he is in the bath. His hair used to be very light grey but as he got older it turned darker silver when he reached anbu ranks.


Personality: Quiet. During his life of solitude ginjo rarely talks unless its necessary or serves some type of cause to his benefits. Being alone nearly all his life made him appreciate silence to the fullest. He is really a very calmed person when not provoked, analyzing everything with great conception and detail. He is most relaxed when he is on his own, this is normal because he could be quite excited to fight when he is around others, usually to the death. His clan blood flows through his veins, and being one of them, he cannot say no to a fight unless under harsh circumstances.

Blood Lust Rage. In demon form, Ginjo is quite the sinister. He reverts back to his cruel and evil personality. Very sadistic but in reason. It's the only time he has some sort of smile on his face is when he is taking pleasure in reaping people of their lives. Whether it's the smile from the pleasure of killing someone. Or the thrill he recieves from chasing down, tracking and finding out the name of a target. Ginjo becomes the predator and always get's his prey type personality. Ginjo is also very calm, he often likes horror and stays calm while in the way of sinister and evil things because he is use to it. He takes a liking to cruel and evil things. He is stronger than average seeing as he was trained by many people in his clan to fight in hand to hand combat so he has high confidence when brawling agaisnt an opponent but ginjo is muniplative and would rather use his mind to defeat opponents and kill targets. Instead of going out to physically waste energy even though he would love to fight, he knows his weakness is going over board. He would rather sit back and send others to do it or play mind games on the target or opponent instead, watching from behind as the opponent is tortured mentally and emotionally while Ginjo doesn't even have to raise a finger for physical contact. Ginjo doesn't really care at all however he is alone in his mission, it means he could let loose at any time, being totally random in effect. He really becomes unstable and forgets the duration of fighting as its natural to him, and could end up killing people even in spars.

Majour: Taijutsu

Minour: Ninjutsu

Village of Allegiance: Kumogakure

Clan: Kaguya

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PostSubject: Re: Ginjo Kaguya   Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:57 am

You have been ranked Genin, bordering Chunin. You are currently the only Genin with almost assured rank to Chunin. You have showed average literary skill, with more rises of above average material than the average Genin. Tell no one, but you appear to be the most literary proficient Genin.

Some advice would be advancement. While you don't show many flaws, this is lacking in advanced quality work as well. A thesaurus is a writer's best friend! Try to adapt a more fluid writing, to give your sentences and phrases conjugation that really pop out each point and detail. I expect to see a new Chunin the next time the Declaration period is active. Congratulations!
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Ginjo Kaguya
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